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Anais Chantal

Anais Chantal is an up-and-coming vocalist currently studying anthropology and music at the University of Utah.

A mesmerizing performer from Salt Lake City, Utah, Anais Chantal specializes in the deep and soulful jazz and smooth jazz genres. Chantal effortlessly carries listeners to a magical musical world with her supple vocals and expert instrumental skills Chantal exhibits exceptional artistry in the jazz genre with her flawless phrasing and improvisational flair. She has a wonderful capacity to evoke emotions with each note, captivating listeners and leaving them wanting more. Chantal’s love for jazz is clear in her performances, as she deftly combines complex melodies and harmonies that have a profound impact on the listener’s spirit.

Smooth jazz is a subgenre where Chantal’s brilliance really shines. Her supple voice floats over beautiful compositions with ease, bringing perfect happiness and relaxation to the listener. Chantal’s music has a way of luring the listener into a serene oasis where anxieties vanish and are replaced only by the calming sounds of her compositions.

The brilliance of Anais Chantal is unmatched in the fields of jazz and smooth jazz. Her mastery of music and moving performances have established her as a major influence in the field. Chantal captivates listeners and makes a lasting impression on their emotions with each note she plays and each song she sings.

  1. Borrowed Time
  2. Where Do I Go??
  3. Like It Better!!
  4. Fly

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